My Visit to Colombia

In 2017, I had the great opportunity to visit Bucaramanga, Colombia. I went with a group of 15 kids that were passionate to give back to the community and be of much help. I have always been passionate about helping others and always involved myself with volunteer events. Arriving to Colombia was a dream come true. I was able to go door by door in the most dangerous community of Giron and be able to talk and give to the families in Nuevo Giron.

It was a religious missionary trip so we also had the opportunity to visit churches every night and be able to preach and pray for people. The most memorable moment of the trip was one of the last nights of our trip. That night was dedicated to the kids of the church and we were able to give them school supplies for their school year. At the very end of the service we prayed for each child. I remember asking this beautiful 7 year old girl what was her prayer petition. I expected her to say a new toy, a better house, or anything materialistic. But instead she said, "I want to be a better daughter for my parents and a better sister for my siblings." I was a little shook! Another child approached me and said he wanted God to help him stop lying. Finally a girl approached me that I had previously met because I visited her town and saw the terrible condition they live in. I expected her to ask God for a new home, new transportation, or anything to give them better living conditions. But instead she asked for help to forgive the person that hurt her really badly. That moment I hugged her and cried.

I realized that we are very privileged to the point where we constantly want more money, more cars, more popularity, more attention, MORE EVERYTHING! But do we ever want to better ourselves? Do we ask to become a better person for others? Is that our focus?

That moment changed my life forever and decided to give my life completely in Gods hands and do his service to keep helping people in every aspect of life. Help others physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Being part of this project has helped me become a better person and have the opportunity to give back to the kids that changed my life forever.

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